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BlueBook for Electrical Service, 蓝皮书LiteNew Service 建设 Guide 是额外的参考资料.

You work hard to build new homes 和 neighborhoods in our communities. Georgia Power’s online builders’ portal works hard for you, providing convenient 和 relevant information to support your efforts.

Use this portal to submit Service Requests 和 download our 建设 Agreement to ensure that your project meets certain terms 和 conditions. 的 BlueBook for Electrical Service蓝皮书Lite 是额外的参考资料.  

You can also find Meter Base Pickup & Site Plan Drop Off Locations, Current Rate Schedules 和经常问的问题有关 Wiring Approvals.

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建设 Agreement


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Service Requests

Login to submit your request for power to get construction started, 或者结束您的项目并断开服务.