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natural gas

天然气首先从钻到地下的井中取出. It is then treated to remove any impurities before pipelines transport the natural gas to power plants. most often, power plants create electricity from natural gas by burning the gas in a boiler to produce steam; the steam is then used by a steam turbine to generate electricity.

natural gas

natural gas


Generating Electricity



Clean energy Efficient natural gas

Learn about Georgia Power's clean, 在McDonough-Atkinson工厂运行的节能天然气单元. 

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rec disclaimer:
A Renewable energy Certificate (REC), 有时被称为可再生能源信贷, represents the renewable attributes of energy produced from a renewable energy facility. RECs are considered a commodity and can be sold or traded separately from the actual energy. Georgia Power purchases only the null energy output from the renewable generating facilities that have contracted to sell energy from their solar facilities through the Large Scale Solar (LSS) program and the initial (2013/2014) Advance Solar Initiative (ASI). RECs的唯一所有权属于每个发电设施, 如各自的电力购买协议(PPA)中明确规定的. The original intent of these programs was to grow renewable resources in Georgia, while allowing the generating facilities to retain the benefits of the RECs. Georgia Power does not report emission reductions from the null energy purchased through PPAs that do not bundle the RECs for sale to Georgia Power.